Constantly Connected | Social Media, Mobile Technology Help Boost Farm

Constantly Connected | Social Media, Mobile Technology Help Boost Farm ...
He's part of a growing population of farmers who are becoming more connected through mobile technology and social media. From tablet computers and smartphones to twitter and Facebook, mobile technology and social media are revolutionizing the way ...
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Intel and Windows 8 look to lead the future of mobile computing
The Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas next week is going to be all about how the recently launched Ultrabooks running on Windows 7 are the epitome of mobile computing and the future of the company and devices, especially those which ...
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Microprocessor Market to 2015- Enterprise Shift to Cloud Computing and ...
The end-user based forecasts up to 2015 are given for the computers, communications and servers. The key market trends for wide range of these applications are discussed. Microprocessors utilization in the mobile computing market has been increasing ...
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Digital Photo Key Chain USB 2.0 w/ 60 Images (Torrance & Long Beach)

Digital Photo Key Chain USB 2.0 w/ 60 Images (Torrance & Long Beach)


Ultra-bright, high-resolution, 1.5-inch LCD color screen

Thin design measures 9.4mm in depth

Price: $ 10


Los Angeles, USA

FirstBIKE USA Launches US Distribution of a Premium Toddler Balance Bike

Providence, RI (PRWEB) October 31, 2011

FirstBIKE is a developmental training bike which enhances motor skills, builds confidence, and teaches proper two wheel balance and cornering. FirstBIKE Balance Bikes do not use a drivetrain- there are no pedals or cranks, no chain or sprocket, and no training wheels. Deleting these complicated parts makes it possible for children to safely reach both feet flat to the ground on a much lighter weight bike, giving them a boost in control and self-confidence. Feet are used as stabilizers, for propulsion and for braking.

Children as young as two years old can use FirstBIKE Balance Bikes and benefit from the fast-track program of two-wheeled riding. Training wheels make it impossible for children to feel the sensation of balance. They also prevent children from leaning their bikes in the direction of a turn because training wheels hold the bike fixed in a vertical position. FirstBIKE Balance Bikes completely eliminate the need for training wheels, by letting kids practice the way that comes naturally.

Winner of toy awards across Europe, FirstBIKE can be enjoyed in the home, at the park and is an ideal traveling companion on walks. For boys and girls, FirstBike is the essential educational toy that gives them a head start. Experts agree that through the development of balance, gross motor skills and a sense of independence, children are given the confidence they need for further success, both socially and in the classroom.

FirstBIKE Balance Bikes feature an unbreakable super light glass fiber reinforced composite frame, fork and wheels which are impervious to the elements. This means that it is never a problem to forget FirstBIKE outside in the rain or to hose it off for a good cleaning. The color-thru composite resin frame and fork means there is no paint to chip, scratches are less visible, and the ride quality is gentle to the still-developing bones of toddlers.

Safety is priority one at FirstBIKE. The FirstBIKE steering limiter prevents children from jack-knifing the front wheel. All models of FirstBIKE Balance Bikes are available with a rear drum brake wired to a child sized hand lever for added stopping power. A removable lowering kit makes it safer for children under age two to mount and ride FirstBIKE, by dropping the seat height to about 11.5. Frame stickers are reflective for high visibility.

Selection is a big part of the FirstBIKE buying experience. The "Street", The "Cross", The "Track", The "Special Edition" and The "Big Apple" comprise eighteen different combinations of models and colors that are available. Four choices of rubber tires include the famous Schwalbe Big Apple and even a knobby moto-cross tire for optimal off-road grip. Bikes can be enhanced with original FirstBIKE bells, baskets, and even a front ski attachment for wintertime activities in the snow. FirstBIKE offers more choices than any other balance bike.

Convenience is important to parents. FirstBIKEs tool free seat height adjustment makes sharing between siblings as easy as turning a knob. The available solid polyurethane maintenance free rubber tires are puncture proof, never need inflation and provide superior grip even on smooth surfaces.

Select independent bicycle shops and specialty retailers across the US are now being appointed as FirstBIKE dealers. A drop-ship program is available to qualified online retailers.

About FirstBIKE USA:

FirstBIKE USA is the exclusive US importer and distributor of FirstBIKE Balance Bikes and genuine FirstBIKE accessories. FirstBIKE USA manages and sponsors several elite bike racing teams in New England from their Providence RI location.


Poison Center Warns Parents Against Dangerous Toys

Poison Center Warns Parents Against Dangerous Toys
"You know I have boys and boys like to help change things," he said. He referred to batteries; but whether big or small, they pose a risk, along with small magnets. And now more than ever, they're in your children's toys. I spoke via Skype with Carissa ...
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Boy, is he confused
... boys want to be Bob The Builder's Mate and suddenly start identifying Renaults from VWs from their car-seats, Beck and partner Keiran Cooper painted their son's bedroom yellow and ensured the range of toys in the home included everything from dolls ...
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Outgrowing Old Habits

Outgrowing Old Habits
Akin to reaching the top of Mt. Everest, as impressive as graduating Summa cum Laude from Harvard and as rewarding as winning an Olympic Gold Medal, our baby boy took a huge leap forward. On Saturday, our third and final child moved into a Big Boy Bed.

Redford is right: Documentaries rule at Sundance; Versailles, Bananas & Sugar ...
Big Boys Gone Bananas is a sort of a documentary of a documentary or rather the explosive fallout of a documentary. In 2008, Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten made Bananas about Nicaraguan banana workers who sued Dole Food Company, Inc. claiming they ...
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Lebanon DA Cracks Down On Synthetic Drugs
Police said they have shut down three Bad Boys Toys locations in Lebanon, Lancaster and Cumberland counties and have charged individuals with selling the illegal products. Arnold said the packages of bath salts and synthetic marijuana are labeled "not ...
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Long-term plasma TV tests enter second 'year'

Long-term plasma TV tests enter second 'year'
by David Katzmaier January 19, 2012 1:31 PM PST Follow @dkatzmaier I'd like to cordially welcome LG's 50PZ950 plasma to this round of CNET's long-term plasma TV tests. You asked for it, now you got it. After a few delays I've updated the results from ...
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LCD TV Buying Guide Announces Best TVs of CES 2012 | Best Plasma, Best LED ...
In the best plasma category the company reported that all three top models will be sold in the market in 2012. For the Best Plasmas TVs CES 2012 the company chose the Panasonic TC-P65VT50 as the top choice with close second and thirds going to large ...
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Three To Be Enshrined In Astronaut Hall Of Fame
A plasma physicist now working on advanced rocket propulsion technology, the US military's highest-ranking spaceman and a former NASA Chief Astronaut will be inducted this May into the US Astronaut Hall of Fame. Franklin Chang-Diaz, Kevin Chilton and ...
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Front and Back Reusable Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 (3 pack)

Front and Back Reusable Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 (3 pack)

Front and Back Reusable Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 (3 pack)

  • Valued combo includes: 3 x Reusable Screen Protector,Front & Back.
  • Type: Non-OEM / Aftermarket.
  • 100% Brand New item.
  • Accessory ONLY. Phone is not included. NOTE: Please apply the screen protector gently in order to avoid too much pressure onto the screen.
  • Gain 30 Day Money back Guaranteed.

iPhone 4 Screen & Body Protector is set of clear film that covers the back and screen of your phone providing scratch protection from outside elements. Custom-fitted for the iPhone 4, these protectors offer a shield of tough and durable protection to your phone without covering, hiding or distorting the original looks or your phone.

Model #:
Compatible Brands: Apple iPhone
Compatible with: Apple iPhone: 4
Condition: New

List Price: $ 0.00

Price: $ 0.01

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing
Image by anikarenina
A common sight at CHI...

SMARTdesks Shows iGroup

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) January 22, 2012

SMARTdesks launches iGroup

Mac BlackBerry Sync Software Halts Frustration For Beleaguered RIM Customers With New Updates

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 08, 2011

BlackBerry Mac syncing frustrates many RIM customers, but one software company, PocketMac, offers quick relief.

"There are plenty of Mac-based BlackBerry customers who love their BlackBerry but are seriously let down by the events of late," Tim Goggin, co-owner of PocketMac said. "The RIM outage in which customers were unable to fully use their BlackBerry for days was the straw that broke the camels back for a lot of people."

Goggins solution to keep customers in the BlackBerry fold is PocketMac for BlackBerry. This alternative sync solution, invented in 2004, aims to make sure BlackBerry users who also use a Mac can have their data properly synced. Most PocketMac for BlackBerry customers are users who migrated from RIMs Desktop Manager software.

Goggin added, "Some Mac BlackBerry customers arent happy with Desktop Manager. Depending on which smartphone forum you read, theyre not thrilled with the syncing capabilities or the time theyve spent with tech support to make it work. Thats where PocketMac for BlackBerry comes in."

PocketMac for BlackBerry was created by Goggin and his brother and ushered in the world of BlackBerrys and Macs talking to each other for the first time. And for 3 years starting in 2006, RIM licensed the software to give away to its customers.

Goggin continued, "Our 7 years working with the BlackBerry gives us the know-how to make syncing work on both the BlackBerry and Mac BlackBerry side seemlessly."

PocketMacs fans range from the former Moroccan ambassador to the US to ordinary businesspeople who want something dependable and reliable to safeguard their data.

Chris Cary, a PocketMac customer, wrote, "you are every blackberry users salvation if they want to switch to Mac computers."

Will Meek, another PocketMac customer said, "I just wanted to say thank you very much for developing and offering PocketMac for BlackBerry. It is an awesome app!

PocketMac for BlackBerry syncs the following to the BlackBerry:

(*) Entourage 2008

(*) Outlook 2011

(*) iCal

(*) Address Book

(*) iTunes

(*) iPhoto

(*) Daylite

(*) And much more...

PocketMac for BlackBerry is available now for just $ 29.97. More information on PocketMac for BlackBerry can be found here...

Video of customers whove made the switch from Desktop Manager to PocketMac can be found here...

About Information Appliance Associates

Information Appliance Associates (IAA) is a world leader in creating unique software solutions, primarily for the Macintosh platform. Their first product, PocketMac Pro, the original Mac-to-Pocket PC sync solution accomplished what at the time was thought impossible--connecting a Mac to a Pocket PC. IAA then launched its landmark PocketMac for BlackBerry product, giving Mac users the ability to sync their BlackBerry to their Mac for the first time. A little while after that release, that product was licensed by Research In Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry. IAA also has an extensive product line of other synching products and continues to develop for the mobile market.

All IAA brands and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Information Appliance Associates. Macintosh and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. BlackBerry is a trademark of Research In Motion. BerryMover is a trademark of IAA.

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